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New to Indy or looking for new friends? [12 Jun 2007|06:56pm]

Stop by the New To Indy community and post some basic info so you can meet some people!

          New To Indy          

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woohoo!! [18 Dec 2006|05:40pm]

woohoo i'm back! i used to be in this community with the name vinugirl

i was busy with myspace for awhile, until my work blocked it...so now i'm back with LJ.

i still dont live in greenwood, but i worked at sears there for like 2 weeks. LOL

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[02 Nov 2006|05:32am]

let us all take a moment of silence for the pasing of one of Downtown Indianapolis' greatest friends. Today, I was watching the news, and WishTV had a very short, very painful announcement.

15 years ago last saturday, Hollywood Bar and FIlmworks was opened on Meridian. last sunday they showed thier last movie.

This was thehome of the ONLY remaining first run (london film vault copy) of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the entire USA. The ONLY one. (if I'm not mistaken).

in any event, this is a sad day for any fan of food and film, and an especially hard blow for ROcky fans. There isn't another regular showing og RHPS anywhere els in Indy, that I'm aware of. Shelbyville stopped, and is a damn long way away, and so did Speedway... anyone have any clue where they show rocky that's not just for halloweeen, anywhere within about an hour of Indianapolis?

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